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Hemp is a Holy Plant that heals the Body, Mind and Soul

In today’s world full of rush, everyday rush, we often lack time to be for ourselves, for a moment to stop, and to regenerate and gain strength.

More and more often, for self-esteem it is not enough just to be, you also need to have adequate energy and strength to enjoy full health, not only physical health.

The strength I mentioned does not have to be associated with aggression and brutality, which was proved in the last broadcast by MMA Master of Martial Arts – Robert Bryczek. He treats his profession as art, as a kind of mission, as his own realization of spiritual development

I write more about the program in this article:

Going back to the title of the article, I will try to convince you that fibrous hemp really deserves to be called a saint.


We have more and more evidence about the effects of the gut on human health. Our gut is the most diverse environment on Earth in terms of bacteria!

90% of serotonin, which reduces the appearance of depression to an absolute minimum, does not arise in the head, but in the intestines. It has been proven that people suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome have a greater risk of depression and chronic stress.

So, how to take care of the intestines:

• Limit antibiotics and long-term treatments with synthetic drugs

• Provide fresh, varied food

• Eat foods rich in “good” bacteria: silage, yoghurt, kefir (preferably fudge that can see the sun and grass;)), kombucha

You can also take care of our intestines by implementing a treatment with hemp oils:

• CBD (A) regulates the work of the intestines, improves their work, calms down

• CBG (A) as a cannabis stem cell reduces inflammation and can also be helpful in Crohn’s disease

Here you should mention the full spectrum RAW + 7% oil, which contains both CBD (A) and CBG (A) and is also at a great price!

I will come back to CBG cannabigerol (A), it is the first cannabinoid produced by cannabis in the growth phase – the stem cell. It can be compared to the Mother who gives her Child all the most valuable ingredients, and most importantly, we can also enjoy her benefits!

CBG (A) will be used for:

• Eczema

• Mycoses of the skin

• psoriasis

• Acne



From time immemorial, primitive peoples have celebrated the complementary potentials of the Sun and Moon, Jin and Yang, male and female. The modern world is built on opposites that complement each other – that’s why we exist.

Today, these differences are blurring, we strive for uniformity – we lose balance, which makes us move away from health. Hormonal drugs, improper diet, lack of exercise – this makes the differences between the male and female elements blur more and more.

It is worth looking for support in Nature – we will achieve relief, peace, relaxation after a hard day thanks to CBD oils – we will use the power of the Holy Plant for our real, eternal needs


“A woman, once she decides something and stands by her heart with her heart, is more stubborn, more fierce than a man” – Józef Ignacy Kraszewski.

Every strong woman knows that this power does not come from the outside – it is the effect of well-groomed, regularly cared for, illuminated inner light. A woman with such an interior will surely convey positive energy to her surroundings.

You can rest by painting mandalas, singing or meeting inspiring people – you will surely meet them at the Harmony of the Cosmos on 23-27.06 in Torzym next to Zielona Góra. On Friday, June 24 at 5:45 pm on the Main Stage, my lecture will take place: “Hemp is a Sacred Plant that heals the Body, Mind and Soul for centuries”

On Saturday (June 25) at 4 pm I would like to invite you to my reggae-style Mantra concert and the premiere of the single “You Can All” from the Her Story album – it will be a feast for Mind, Soul and Body.

In addition, I also invite you to visit my stand, where you will be able to buy hemp oils at promotional prices, try delicious, refreshing hemp infusions and consult. Do you take care of your body, mind and soul? Try the miraculous power of the Sacred Plant!

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