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The Holy Plant in health for men

JZ: We are very pleased to welcome you to our studio Dominika Dominiak. We discuss various topics from Dominic, but the most common, of course, is cannabis and cannabinoids. Today a specialty, a certain sector – namely the men’s health sector.

DD: Hello. In one of the broadcasts about herbal blends for endometriosis, menstrual pain and menopause for women, I said that I would also do a program for men, and since many of my clients have men who experience various health problems, I thought I would do broadcasts about this as well. I think that the most important problem among men, especially after the age of 70, is prostate cancer, which begins with an enlarged prostate. Prostate cancer accounts for over 20% of all neoplasms in Poland and it is the most frequently diagnosed malignant neoplasm among men. The risk of developing the disease increases with age.
There are men who started using hemp oil, which contains both CBG, CBGA and CBD, CBDA, it is a low-concentration 7% oil. At such low concentrations, you can combine cannabidiols with cannabigerols, at higher concentrations, the receptors in our body begin to fight for these compounds.
This oil (like any full spectrum oil) has anti-cancer, anti-parasitic and anti-viral properties.

JZ: Why is the protection of the prostate especially distinguished thanks to these oils?
DD: Because both CBGA, CBG and CBDA eliminate inflammation, it removes the root cause. After cannabinoids and cannabigerols enter the body, the endocannabinoid system and its receptors immediately respond to cannabinoids, so the Sacred Plant and its power is actually a cure for many, many diseases, and that’s what scientific research is for.
Anyway, let me tell you that it would seem that cannabis could negatively affect fertility in men and the other way around.

JZ: So we have another gift from the Sacred Plant for us, for men?

DD: Hemp actually makes a man have more sperm. So cannabinoids and cannabigerols have amazing effects, but these studies were done on patients who used (as we say in our country medical marijuana – I don’t like using the word “marijuana”, only Cannabis, because the word “marijuana” in the 1930s In the US, propaganda was given a pejorative meaning, so that it would be associated with refugees from Mexico). With prostate enlargement (if our Polish law allowed us to be able to produce such a “suppository” with cannabigerols and cannabidols, to be able to inject it into the rectum, it would be wonderful (but due to the fact that we do not have such a right, only a pharmaceutical company could do it, and in Due to the fact that they have recently started to arrest sellers and producers of hemp oils from hemp, it seems to me even more that this circle of pharmaceutical companies admitted to the Polish market is closed, which can be seen in medical Cannabis in pharmacies (it is imported from Germany or California).
JZ: The so-called The second such element (we are talking about sperm – about the increased amount of their production when taking oils), increased strength and physical and mental fitness also

DD: Yes, but before I get down to it, it’s worth saying that we usually use hemp oils under the tongue, inwards, and here it is also advisable to administer it rectally in the case of prostate enlargement or cancer. So I am glad that I was able to help many men who reported such a problem, they used the oil rectally without natural extracts (most of them with extracts such as mint, oregano, lemongrass), I made this one without extracts, so that it can be was to be applied to the anus, or if someone wants, especially women (although he also has fans of this oil in terms of rejuvenation, because CBGA is a cannabis stem cell and has a rejuvenating effect (use on the face, under the eyes because it drains lymph beautifully, and CBGA has anti-inflammatory properties, anticoagulant, analgesic, so there is also a remedy for complications after the virus, which we have heard a lot over the last two years, and for complications after a medical experiment, for which there are scientific studies available in my shop in the articles tab. the fact that CBGA blocks the entry of the spike protein, which is produced by the presence of mRNA in the body, which also many independently other doctors and scientists are speaking.

JZ: It all sounds very nice too, now let’s say about the general psychophysical condition of men, is it some kind of help spectrum?
DD: Yes, it is, of course, and I’m glad that a man who works in sports could check it, and I’m talking about MMA martial arts master Robert Bryczek. Among many companies on the market, he was looking for hemp oils that would support him in his physiological processes, training and concentration. Sam wrote to me that he tried products from many companies, but unfortunately it did not help, only my oils had an effect. I will tell you right away why (I mention it in every broadcast), because the extracts that I extract from the dried hemp are only from organic farmers, because hemp can extract all heavy metals from the ground in one sowing, so I make sure that it is only from Eco cultivation, because then the hemp has a spectrum of all other ingredients, incl. silicon, which depends on whether all other minerals are absorbed into the body, and flavonoids, cannabinoids, carotenoids, anthocyanins, polyphenols and terpenes, which I will talk about in the next broadcast. This is also a very important plus that alcohol extraction leaves us with these acidic forms.
JZ: Exactly, you emphasize the importance of alcohol extraction all the time, you distinguish it from others. Maybe remind me in two sentences why do you distinguish me?
DD: Because alcohol extraction is the only one that is able to leave the acid cannbinoids. Unfortunately, CO2 or hydrocarbon extraction (usually it’s some pentane, propane, butane – I’ve also heard about those who use crude oil, which is terrible because it is the cheapest cost, and unfortunately most of those who switch from tobacco to hemp do it and they do not care about human health, which is why many of my clients are surprised why my 5% or 7% oils work stronger than 25% of other companies). Alcohol extraction, organic farming plus hemp oil, which is the carrier in such oil, is also Eco-certified from an organic farmer.

JZ: You care about it. You are known and appreciated. We emphasize all the time that this is a condition for launching something on the market. If the seeds are not of adequate quality, they will be contaminated with various chemicals, plant protection products, it will actually be harmful instead of helping, which applies to any other preparations that are available on the market, I am not talking about food anymore.
DD: Besides, I will say yes, of course there are also farmers who do not have Eco certificates, but next to their field they have an area where another farmer sprinkles Roundup or adds saltpeter to the fertilizer or some growth hormones. When it rains, all this underground is transferred to the adjacent field.
That is why it is so important, it is not so easy to obtain such an Eco certificate. Anyway, she also had an exchange of views at the Weed festival, where I was an exhibitor (greet the organizer – Michał) with one of the exhibitors, who said that “these Eco certificates are one big fake”. Well, this is not one big fake, because such a farmer has really big controls.

JZ: I think that it has a lot of control, because in general, everything that is healthy is not very popular in the establishment controlled by Big Pharma, and if you can “force” standards out of organic producers, you do it. Of course, this is also the interest of environmental producers, there are those who want it to have value, but the system will be pressing anyway to remove someone from the market, just to find an excuse. You yourself talk about different situations when they destroy the producers of cannabis preparations.
DD: Also, such organic farmers cannot have a non-organic field in the vicinity. I also pay attention to the source, because in fact someone can buy the oil very cheaply somewhere on the Allegro or somewhere else and think that it has a nice oil, and it turns out that there is an artificial isolate imported from China or Switzerland. The isomers of such an artificial isolate are completely incompatible with our body, so such someone may feel the effect of cannabinoids at the beginning, but later there will be such a sine effect that after prolonged use, health will be damaged. So it is like “heaven and earth” as you put the oil next to the oil, it all depends on what source the crops are grown from, what method is extracted, under what conditions it is all prepared.

JZ: It’s all just the basics, you talk about it more than once.

DD: And the laboratory with which GMP also collaborates, also has HACAP

JZ: What is it?
DD: These are laboratory food production permits plus pharmaceutical ones. Also, in order for the laboratory to be able to obtain such certificates, it must meet high requirements, it is associated with a six-month sanitary inspection, which consists in the fact that a team comes and says that the pipes in the wall are not in this place (laughter) or that the sink is not in this place and need to be demolished and put in another, the countertops must be metal (recently someone wrote to me on Instagram that the photo from the laboratory looks like it was from some hangar), the walls must be smooth (slight roughness is unrecognized because bacteria can accumulate there, so you have to put albums, which also cost quite a few thousand zlotys). Also really big restrictions.
JZ: I wanted to ask, I have your cannabinoid guide here. Do you still maintain that there is no such guide in Poland?
DD: At least I haven’t seen it. This is how I prepared it based on many questions for the three years since I have been in the industry. A lot of people write to me, ask me, ask for advice, so I decided to write a guide to make it easier for people to have black and white what canannbinoids are, how to use prophylactic treatments, with which diseases, health problems, what canannbinoids help with what, how to start a treatment for children, for adults for animals. A bit of cannabis history too, research is also in the tutorial. Also there is a nice amount of information that will be useful for a person who has no idea or who has been using treatments for some time.
And in answer to your earlier question about men. Of course, both men and women are concerned with mental and physical fitness. As Robert Bryczek himself observed that after Brain & Sport oil, which has CBG, CBGA full spectrum, he achieved better results and broke records. Anyway, as I had the opportunity and time to go to the gym (but it’s a long time ago), I used it myself before I got on the treadmill and I was very surprised because I had a double better result with the same physical effort. And the fact is that CBGA cannabigerol acid and CBG cannabigerol affect the concentration of the mind, it does not have a stimulating effect, and usually when you drink coffee that has caffeine or tea that has theine (black, white, green) – this is the treatment with cannabinoids must be ruled out, because caffeine, theine and tobacco block the absorption of cannabinoids, vitamins and minerals, such stimulation occurs. After CBG, CBGA the mind is clear, clean, I often drink CBGA hemp infusion or CBG and CBGA oil before going on tour to improve concentration. Anyway, my efficiency in social activities that I had for the last two years and in the industry I owe only to CBG and CBGA oils, which I used every day. Thanks to them, I have greater mental performance, I am able to absorb more information. Likewise, athletes have started to appreciate it, and Robert Bryczek is not the only athlete who appreciates the value of both CBGA and CBG, and he mentioned a very important thing: he gets better sleep.
That is why CBG and CBGA oils are better to be used until 6 p.m., because they affect the concentration of the mind and we can wake up unrefined. In the evening, we should use what relaxes the mind, i.e. CBD, CBDA. And as Robert said, he sleeps better, concentrates better, has better performance. A broadcast with Robert is available on the website in the You Tube tab. It is not only dedicated to men, but also to women who also have a lot of physical or mental effort. I think it is worth trying, because if we have a full spectrum of action on many levels, because first of all we act on the body by deworming, you do not need to drink liver oil or use other herbal mixtures using the oil that has CBG, CBGA from Eco crops, extraction alcoholic. I could go on and on like that (laughs)

JZ: We promised ourselves that this program would not be too long, because you all have a limited time, and of course, the shorter the better and the information is compacted with you, so there is no story about everything and anything, we have specific facts, but the last detail is at the end. a reminder of where we are looking for Dominika Dominiak on the Internet, it is quite easy to do it, but let us remind you.
DD: I recently created an Instagram account for the cannabis industry, this is yours. Cbd, please feel free, I will also be grateful for following the account. Through this account you can go to the shop’s website: mojecbd.com There you can go in and take advantage of the September promotions, which are very, very cool.

JZ: This Sacred Plant is one of the queens.

DD: Yes, it is one of the queens, moreover, most people who start prophylactic treatment after a week already feel such amazing results. I had, for example, among the clients of a man over 50 who suffered from Lyme disease and wrote that after two weeks he had gone through all the symptoms that lasted for many years.

JZ: Above all, he had to use good quality products systematically.
DD: Yes, and it is important to apply systematically. Anyway, I had a young man with depression, bulimia, anorexia, and what’s interesting is that most people with such more serious diseases are just writing that after two weeks they already see great effects, also the issue of this regularity, and it is worth supporting such a treatment. hemp infusions. It also brings the body back to homeostasis faster and you feel a real inner harmony and I will say yes, there is no other plant such as hemp that immediately affects the endocannabinoid system, that the mind is concentrated here and the body relaxes, which is great. It is the power of the plant that deserves to be called the Sacred Plant.
JZ: Well, this is the systematic way for me, that I have managed to put only some things into regularity, and here only from time to time and now I promise myself that I will also add oils to my menu.

DD: And finally, when we are talking about prostate cancer or cancer in general, you have to reach for higher concentrations here. I also have 35% oils available as well as 50% CBGA paste extract, moreover, recently I had such an unfortunate accident myself, I hit my head quite hard, had a concussion, I was at SOR for observation all day, I had severe dizziness and pains for a week heads that stopped 50% of the concentration thanks to CBGA vaporization. The pain passed, I valorized it every few hours, I felt much better, the dizziness passed quickly (doctors say that they can last 2-3 weeks, after a week it has passed for me), I am also grateful to the Holy Plant.

JZ: The Holy Plant and all nature in general is a source of everything that we need, you only need to know people who know what it is, know how to get to it, transform it, after all, there is always some processing process so that we can use it and we are happy that we still have good news from this space. Dominika, thank you very much and I invite you to the next meetings

DD: Thank you too and wish you a nice day or a beautiful evening

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