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Terpenes- essential oils- scientific research

We cordially invite you to read the article “Terpenes – essential oils – scientific research”, which is based on the broadcast conducted by Janusz Zagorski with Dominika Dominiak for NTV.

JZ: We are very pleased that one of the most recent broadcasts from the studio is a conversation with Dominika Dominiak, who, by the way, co-founded the studio in Sobótka with us. From us great words of thanks, cordiality, gratitude Dominika, because I remember how much work, creativity, ingenuity here. It is to your credit.

DD: Thank you, and above all, convincing you to set up your own studio. Of course, I will greet my viewers: Good morning overseas and Good evening in Poland. Greetings to you from Mokotow.

JZ: As always, vivid and beautiful colors. In a moment you’ll hear from Dominika about the latest scientific research done at the Wroclaw University of Life Sciences. And, of course, it’s about essential oils, it’s about hemp, it’s about all that is a gift of nature, a gift of the Creator. Discovering all this confirming that you can get amazing qualities from this hemp, I’m talking about therapeutic qualities, provided you do it within certain rules of art. Right?

DD: Yes, as you said essential oils, the subject is precisely terpenes, or essential oils, which are found in hemp in more than 140 types. The most important terpenes found in both fiber and Indian hemp and there’s limonene, which has amazing antifungal uses and it’s added to dietary supplements, to food and it has a lemon smell. It is also found in lemon in lime and of course in hemp in particular in Sative fiber hemp. The second type such the most well-known and studied by scientists in hemp is pinene. He, in turn, has an amazing anti-inflammatory effect and it has an odor reminiscent of pine, a fir scent. And the third such very well-known and well-liked terpene by producers – myrcene. He is mainly found in cannabis, that is, the one in which THC predominates, he has such a musk and clove-like smell, has an amazing analgesic effect. And the most common terpene in fiber hemp is beta-caryophyllene, and it is the most abundant.

The scents of different varieties of cannabis depend on how high the concentration of the terpenes in question is in the cannabis. As for example, mango has just a lot of myocene, and this makes cannbinoids better assimilated thanks to it as by the way I was in Jamaica, I wondered why most Jamaicans when they light themselves a blankie or release themselves from their such a natural wooden bottle (in Europe or the West such bottles are used for smoking cannabis) always ate mango. I don’t know if they knew about the scientific studies, but scientific studies show that just eating mangoes when consuming cannabinoids in general makes them better absorbed, so I added it’d one of my oils, which I will also talk about later. And that terpenes in general are also found in hops or other plants like lavender and why they are so important. Scientists are not able to say why they make this better bioavailability of all other components including cannabinoids. At the moment, if the extract also contains hemp terpenes and he, together with all these other ingredients, acts amazingly on the body and makes all the other ingredients better absorbed. That’s why it’s so important to pay attention to the type of oil extraction, because alcoholic extraction – the method that my chemist and I prefer the most it just leaves the terpenes in the extract because you don’t have to subject the dry to a decarboxylation process beforehand, like in the case of carbon-hydrogen or CO2 extraction under high pressure or fractional extraction, because these other extraction methods are not able to dissolve the acidic cannabinoids that’s why you heat it, and already AM the heating process eliminates the terpenes. So many producers using other extraction methods – it is known to be cheaper and faster, but qualitatively not better than alcohol extraction. It is also worth mentioning that in general, the distillation process itself, the very process of extracting these terpenes in the laboratory is very time-consuming. 

Terpenes are obtained through the steam that passes through the hemp inflorescence and it takes a little essential oil and condenses and separates into hydrolate and into essential oil, and from this essential oil individual terpenes can be extracted and isolated again. As I mentioned there are more than 140 of them and I have already listed the most famous ones.

Some producers in laboratories just use the process of steam distillation without reducing the pressure, and as we know water boils at 100 degrees, so this steam, if it has such a high temperature, it actually works to deplete these terpenes.

JZ: And is it keeping an eye on this process of making these essential oils, is that sort of the key to quality? We said at the beginning of this broadcast that there’s the first research and it’s very professional, very significant research from one of the most prominent universities in Poland. What can you boast about Dominika because here are already some specifics. First of all, the results of the research, and secondly, any kind of cooperation agreement?

DD: As I recorded in today’s podcast, there used to be a movie called “I don’t like Mondays,” and I can confidently say today that I love Mondays, and I love todays because of the fact that I just signed a long-awaited agreement with the University of Life Sciences. And it’s a scientific and research cooperation agreement based on the testing of hemp oil extracts my personal brand, both for testing for terpenes and for cannabinoids. The terpenes were tested directly in the laboratory at the University of Life Sciences and the cannabinoids were outsourced for testing to the cooperating laboratory to Mr. Professor Antoni Szumny, whom I had the pleasure of meeting personally. Before the conversation about cooperation began, the professor, who is the rector at Wroclaw University of Life Sciences, called me surprised as to why I had such good terpene results for my oils. I was very happy to hear this news, but I wasn’t surprised at all, because I use dries to extract the oils only, I use natural, certified organic hemp crops extraction only by alcohol method. So far, the professor has studied oils made by the carbon-hydrogen method, and at the same time CO2, although just this PhD student who has a laboratory and prefers carbon-hydrogen extraction. My former distributor works with a friend of his, he also just chose this extraction method. Some people can lie in plain sight that they are doing alcoholic extraction, but if someone has the knowledge and is allowed into the lab and knows how the extraction process works then he won’t be so easily fooled. 

Very important is the fact that in Poland terpenes are very expensive, abroad even more expensive. One ml of hemp terpenes can cost between 100 and 200 zlotys. For this reason, many producers “fool” consumers, because by adding myrcene hemp terpene to the so-called beer, which has the smell of cannabis, we can have the impression that this is really beer extracted from this brew, that it is made from 100% cannabis, and this is not the case, because this terpene simply has such a smell. We also used it for cannabis soap, which is currently not on sale because it is in production, but at one time I added it gratis to orders. They were very happy with this product because they felt incredibly greater effect of such a cosmetic, since terpenes make it more assimilable. In my cannabinoid guide you can find the results of these terpenes.  

JZ: I understand that you read some of these points, because we visually don’t read it that way. We only see that there’s a document, but a few sentences of commentary on what’s on those boxes. 

DD: I will say yes, here are the charts and it is shown simply the content of myrcene, pinene, and their concentrations. If anyone feels like it, they can also go to the photo gallery on my store www.twojecbd.com. For now, tests have been done for oils that contain cannabidiolic acid (CBDA) and cannabidiol (CBD). The rest of the oils, which contain cannabigerolic acid (CBGA) and cannabigerol (CBG), are currently being tested. And what is also very important besides this bioavailability and bioavailability, as I mentioned that these terpenes have anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, analgesic effects, I was recently called by doctors from the Board of Directors of the Association of Independent Doctors and Scientists. I spoke with Dr. Beata Rzytkowska, M.D., and she told me a story that made me cry with happiness into the phone. Beatka has already convinced herself as a neurology doctor that my oils help her patients. For this reason, she sends her patients to me. One of the ladies to whom she recommended therapy with my oils was the mother of a 7-year-old girl with epilepsy, who had brain damage after birth. I recommended her 2.5% oil, an increased dose of 2 drops, resulting in a 5% concentration. This is an oil that also contains terpenes, full spectrum, CBD paste, CBDA, CBG, CBGA. These are four types of extracts. The girl used the oil for six months and was cured of epilepsy, an MRI showed that the brain was repaired one hundred percent.  

JZ: Amazing! I, for one, am not surprised that there are these tears, because it’s a natural emotion. If something you put so much work into, so much heart and so much faith in that cannabis has these properties you just must acquire them skillfully. With this honest to goodness method of alcohol extraction, following all the rules and regimes, that there is such potential there, that someone who seems like a child unsalvageable, because epilepsy persists basically sometimes for the rest of life, so just like miracles. It’s further proof of what gifts nature has, you just have to know how to take them. 

DD: Of course, it does. First of all, you have to defend these gifts of nature. Tomorrow’s broadcast, with our guest, lawyer Zbigniew Kępczynski, will be about community issues. Unfortunately, in Poland there is an elimination of rights to nature, manifested in the fact that the government has decided, in fact since the beginning of the year, that you can’t grow fiber hemp for your own use. In addition, if you are not a pharmacist by training, or do not have someone employed who is trained as a pharmacist or naturotherapist, you cannot sell any herbs in Poland, either chamomile or any herb. Also, employers should lean towards hiring a specialist, because unfortunately the sanepid is already doing inspections. The inspections have started with organic and herbal stores, where it is checked whether the people employed there are pharmacists or whether the owner has a degree in pharmacy. 

I hope we won’t make the same mistakes as other countries. France, for example, currently has a ban on growing any herbs in gardens. I hope that here people will open their eyes and we will start defending this nature together. Anyway, that’s why I got very deep into the topic of hemp seeing it’s amazing uses. 

Full spectrum oils from organic, certified natural cultivation have anti-fungal, anti-parasitic, anti-viral and anti-cancer effects. Nota bene very interesting, quite recently were conducted, by Dr. Helena Moreira from the University of Life Sciences in Wroclaw interesting research. I wrote both an article about this study in the articles tab on my store (there I post interesting scientific research and interesting articles), as well as in the cannabinoid guide, on “Hemp terpenes in the fight against colon cancer.” Studies show that naturally derived compounds have high anti-cancer potential. Interestingly, the most aggressive of all cancers in the world is colorectal cancer, where cancer stem cells (NKM) play a key role in the disease. It turns out that until now, the drugs that have been used for colorectal cancer made the cancer disappear, but it came back very quickly. Quite recently, a study was done at the University of Life Sciences in Wroclaw on how terpenes affect the elimination of cancer cells, without their renewal. If you take terpenes in the lab, for example, from the Satica 27 variety, which is the cannabigerolic acid form of CBGA, this is the stem cell of hemp. This variety is man-made, because in general every hemp plant that grows regardless of the variety in the first flowering stage has only CBGA in it, this is the only cannabigerolic acid from which all other cannabinoids are formed: CBDA, THCA, CBCA and many others.

Terpenes from a variety that has CBGA, which acts as an anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anticoagulant is also a remedy for thrombotic complications. Many of my clients come forward to help their parents, who are struggling with clots after medical experiments. One of my broadcasts featured a guest, Ms. Monika from Germany, who told the story of her mother. About how low concentration oils of 7% helped her. They helped reverse the clotting conditions from her legs. This proves how amazing these nutritional values contained in hemp are, including the very terpenes that make the body return to homeostasis so quickly. On the Polish and world market, we can see that we have a separate type of oils oils that are full spectrum. Unfortunately, almost everyone writes that they have full spectrum oils on offer even if they are not actually such. The characteristic of full spectrum oils is that the color of the extract is very dark. Isolated cannabidioles or cannabigerols, CBD alone or CBG alone, there are no more acid cannabinoids, flavonoids, anthocyanins, polyphenols, retinoids and most importantly no terpenes. In one even conversation with a medical marijuana doctor, I explained why oils of CBD alone or CBG alone won’t work on the body beyond the head. Because there are active cannabinoids that cross the blood-brain barrier, and in order for it to work in the body, however, it is so important that they are full spectrum and that they contain terpenes. Because these terpenes are so valuable, I’ve expanded my range to include different concentrations of oils to tailor treatments for young children as well (because I also have parents among my clients who write to us with health problems of a child who is 1.5 or 2 years old). For such children I have made oils just 2%, CBD alone isolated from unrefined organic isolate, or CBG alone without added terpenes. Such young organisms can be allergic to terpenes as well as flavonoids, karetonoids. The situation is analogous with young animals. Among my clients, I had people who had a kitten or dog with complications and asked for support, so I recommended 2% oil for them. It is worth remembering this and knowing that we should not for young children and animals give oils that have terpenes. On the other hand, for a child from the age of 3 and up, you can give full spectrum oils with terpenes. For such children or smaller animals (reaching to the knees), I have prepared 2.5% oils both full spectrum and not full spectrum. For children aged 5 years and older, oils of 5% should be used, for children aged 7 years and older, oils of 7% and, similarly, for children aged 10 years and older, oils of 10%. Adults use a prophylactic treatment aimed at deworming, strengthening the immune, nervous and lymphatic systems. This action is possible because the endocannabinoid system is responsible for the nervous system, the immune system and the lymphatic system, and once cannabinoids enter our body, all receptors from the endocannabinoid system immediately respond. See dear ones how amazingly organisms have been created (including human like animals) that we do not have endocannabinoid receptors in the pituitary gland, therefore it is impossible to overdose on cannabinoids of cannabis. For that we can overdose on hard drugs and medications that contain opioids, especially those recommended by doctors for older people. Also, it’s so important to pay a little bit of attention, read about terpenes and appreciate something that we have close under our noses and is very underestimated. 

JZ: One can see in you such complete proficiency in using such rather difficult names and varieties for some. I very often emphasize that in a very short period of time you have acquired a great deal of knowledge on n topic concerning cannabis, all the ingredients and effects. I also like very much that you are in these laboratories, reviewing how it is done in practice, asking about every detail, then it turns out naturally that you make sure and select good chemists. Because if the research at Wroclaw University of Life Sciences looks like this, as you show us, it’s hard to make a better recommendation. I have such a question still Dominika. Is there any plan for further research? Because to some extent this research exhausts what you expect, and to what extent it is developmental. 

DD: Yes.  In general, they will be even more developmental, and I even hope that the already discussed topic with the professor about cooperation for research will come to fruition, because the professor really enthused about these results and until he himself wanted to come to my chemist’s lab and see what the lab looks like.

JZ: All in all, it is very important for scientists to see these whole processes up close, because in this way they will establish their conviction that what they have at home is not some kind of hocus-pocus out of the blue, but simply results from some procedure, some technological regime. If it’s such good research, well, only they will also, by the way, advocate this knowledge and these qualities. Because if one sees up close is still related to the observation, not just from the analysis of finished samples, that’s thick. Great 

DD: Of course, and Professor Anthony was delighted, because you still asked about further cooperation. He was delighted with my work, the cannabinoid guide, because when I called him, he said I know you, I have listened to you, you say wise things.  Also, it was very nice, so I knew he knew what he was conveying in the broadcasts, and he said it was great that I decided to create such a guide. Because I haven’t seen yet in Poland, and I haven’t seen anyone publish a cannabinoid guide in the world either. Yes, you can find individual articles on the effects of cannabinoids on the intrenet, but I wanted all this knowledge and experience with customers who share their opinions on how my oils help them with various ailments.  I additionally created such a table in this guide with different health conditions, which cannabinoids, what concentrations, how to use it, whether in treatment for adults, for animals. I was suggested by Professor Anthony that an article about this guide should appear in one of the scientific magazines they work with. Also, I hope that when the hot period at the University of Life Sciences is over, we will return to this topic. And so, in connection with the fact that I have developed an herbal mixture for ednometriosis, from which I myself came out of thanks to this mixture, and for menstrual pain and menopause there is an idea to still create such an herbal pill, so that women do not have to use pills that have a diastolic effect, but as we know, any chemical pill adversely affects our liver. So, I dream that every woman who is struggling with ailments such as menstrual pain, endometriosis or menopause will be able to help herself during this difficult time. 

JZ: This is very encouraging information, especially for women. 

DD: I also wanted to say that there is a scientific study that has come out, which I may publish soon as soon as I find the time to do so. On the subject of use in therapy for the COVID-19 virus, that terpenes and cannabinoids with terpenes are proving to be incredibly effective against this virus, and an even earlier study from March of this year showed that CBD cannabidiol blocks retransmission of this virus in the body. It’s a good thing I had the intuition to make such an oil based on scientific research, as it turns out now based on three scientific studies already. Because another study reported that the acidic form of CBGA blocks the entry of the spike protein into receptors in the body. The spike protein was produced by getting this artificial, laboratory-made virus, and at the same time, under the influence of mRNA in this medical experiment, the human body responds at the same time by producing lymphocytes, leukocytes. At the same time, this spike protein is produced in the body, which is a toxin and circulates overcoming the blood-brain barrier and the acidic form of CBGA blocks it from entering the receptors, which means it takes it completely out of the body. This is phenomenal, I am in love with this Holy Plant. A golden oil was created based on this, as a remedy for all kinds of viruses, in which we have a combination of a form of CBGA from the organic isolate, as well as CBD from the organic isolate with mango extract, which additionally contains this terpene myrcene, and there are still added terpenes from fiber hemp. 

JZ: So, this creative blend is the result of your guesses about the properties of the common ingredients, and to make this blend is your patent.

DD: Yes, and to make it more interesting the idea for this antiviral oil in my head during meditation, I then asked myself what extracts I should use here for this oil. I later told my idea to a chemist, and he just told me about these myrcene in mangoes. 

JZ: So, the chemist confirmed your intuition, or the insight you got over the years. 

DD: Yes, besides, on the store’s website in the photo gallery you can see the certificate of analysis, which is also a study done by the University of Life Sciences in Wroclaw, which commissioned another laboratory. The cannabinoid score of this antiviral oil of 20% shows that the number of cannabinoids is above 25%. This is a very high score, and it is worth it that it is better to use oils that have an inflated score, for the reason that terpenes as well as cannabinoids volatilize. In the same way, when hemp grows in the field and is cut and immediately after cutting goes the dried for extraction, we have a great deal of cannabinoids and terpenes, if it is organic hemp, of course. At the time when this dried is properly stored in a suitable dry place, so that it does not acquire moisture, after half a year already this amount of cannabinoids is reduced by half. Also, the amount of extract obtained from such a dried herb, which has been lying around for half a year, is already halved. 

JZ: So, another very important detail. So, it’s very important that the cannabis after cutting and drying be processed as soon as possible, yes? 

DD: Yes, they should be.  Of course, they will still contain cannabinoids anyway. 

JZ: But it’s all about the percentages. 

DD: The important thing for the grower is that the amount he gets from the extraction after cutting is twice as much as when he would have to do it after six months. That is, he has to give twice as much dried to get the same amount of extract. The cannabinoid content still depends on whether this hemp is natural and organic, as I said earlier. Importantly, such hemp oils, for example, full spectrum, I often use this 7%, they all have terpenes and such oils, when you unscrew these terpenes also weather away. So, by the time the terpenes have had time to weather. we have had time to use it. Knowing that we have an overestimation of cannabinoids indicates that we also have an overestimation of terpenes, which was confirmed by this study at the Wroclaw University of Life Sciences. 

JZ: Thank you very much, once again a reminder of where Dominika is on the intranet. 

DD: Currently at www.twojecbd.com , and I also invite you to follow me on Instagram your.cbd, and also the YouTube channel where I share the broadcasts that we record here at NTV, it’s called Santa Herbs. Also, you are cordially invited. I have great promotions, for the wonderful NTV viewers. I’m sure everyone will find something interesting for themselves. I encourage, if someone doesn’t know how to start treatment, to buy the cannabinoid guide. He too has evolved, there have been several versions and editions. It is now available in a Polish version. In the English version I think next week. In the process of writing this guide, I started to go deeper and touch on ancient cultures and the interwar period in Poland and it’s all so interesting and more and more knowledge, and it’s in the Bible, where cannabis was mentioned. I found that it was time for a book to be written and it is already at the stage of almost 100 pages. The book, which will be titled “Hemp is a Holy Plant.”

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