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Set of 5+1 Calming CBDA Hemp Tea – Inflorescence and leaves from young hemp from Polish ecological crops, 20g


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Inflorescence and leaves from a young Cannabis Seed

The most valuable parts of young plants from manual harvesting.

These are the youngest, hand-picked leaves, which are the most valuable things cannabis has to offer. Its deep emerald color, careful drying and powerful properties make it our most valuable herbal blend. Try it out or give it to someone really special!

Every day gentle relief thanks to the power of plants

The latest CBDA tea is made only from the most valuable parts of young cannabis. Thanks to this, you have access to this natural treasure at the best time, when the leaves and flowers are still full of active substances. The Polish hemp cultivation in full sun is the essence of nature that you can enjoy every day. Reach for it the way you like – use it to create infusions, decoctions and original mixtures.

How to use?

  • brew at 80 degrees,
  • one teaspoon is enough for two brews,
  • dozens of applications: wraps, baths, herbal SPAs, rituals.

Why CBDA hemp tea?

By purchasing this product, you support Polish producers and distributors of hemp. The inflorescence and leaves of young hemp are the noblest parts of the plant for anyone who wants to color their everyday moments over a cup of tea. You can use it with confidence about the origin and safety of the product.

Why is it so special?

  • flowers and leaves – without ripe seeds;
  • only young, most valuable plants;
  • hand-picked;
  • ecological crops;
  • Polish hemp;
  • juicy, dark green color of the leaves;
  • exceptionally high content of terpenes and cannabidiolic acid.

The history of cannabis infusion

CBDA hemp tea is a complete novelty on the Polish market. But that doesn’t mean it has a short history! Bhang – a drink made of crushed hemp was used in Ayurveda and in religious ceremonies as early as 1000 BC. In some parts of India, this cold hemp tea is still served during the holidays. In ancient Greece, hemp tea was used to soak towels, then wrapped around the legs of injured animals – to this day many communities still make such compresses. In the 2nd century, the famous Chinese doctor Hua Tuo gave his patients mafeisan, which literally means: boiling hemp powder.

Was hemp tea once known also in Poland? This is not known. We only know that it was a plant that was commonly used by us for centuries, for weaving, oil pressing or for cosmetic purposes. Silesians know Siemieniotka’s Christmas Eve hemp soup, and in Podlasie, during the spring custom known as “Konopielka”, men sang flirtatious songs with a refrain in the 1950s: hey, wine, give green wine …




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