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SET OF 5 HEMP OIL 20% 2000mg CBD + CBGA TERPENES + <0.2% THC, from organic farming



A Sacred Plant for Hard Times


Now in Gold version


Where did the idea for golden oil come from? Since 2020, I have been promoting and propagating the Holy Plant, which was well known to our ancestors. Even before the war, Silesian siemieniotka soup or the Christmas Eve “green” soup were popular, but this knowledge practically disappeared. I’m trying to bring it back!

In connection with my activity, for years I have been constantly talking to chemists in the laboratory (I have my own line of oils), I read research and I am interested in everything that touches on this topic. At the same time, I am observing the experiment that has been taking place around us in Poland and in the world for two years with great concern. ?


That is why it is with such joy that I recently read the new results of research by scientists from incl. Israel, according to which my beloved Plant can also help with the most fashionable ailment recently. It can also be useful for people who have undergone other, experimental therapies and feel the effects of it. ?

Here you will find research translated into Polish: https://tinyurl.com/badania2022


This is what was the inspiration behind the new golden CBD + CBGA 20% oil:


contains mango and agave extracts – smells beautiful!

Rich in a wide spectrum of phytochemicals

contains valuable terpenes

created based on the results of research from 2020-2021

Trust nature and try the Sacred Plant! ?




2,000 milligrams


The oil contains CBGA 20% and CBD 20% Broad Spectrum – what does that mean?

Hemp is associated primarily with CBD, because it is the best researched and known.

In Broad Spectrum products, the cannabinoid CBD and CBGA cannabigerol were isolated in the laboratory from organic unrefined isolates obtained from CBGA and CBDA hemp extract. The extract is obtained from hemp inflorescences, which is why it is so important that they come from proven crops. It is primarily a valuable cannabinoid CBD and CBGA cannabigerol, with the addition of MCT oil rich in medium-chain fatty acids: C6 – caproic acid, C8 – caprylic acid, C10 – capric acid, C12 – lauric acid.

2000 mg including 1000 mg CBD and 1000 mg CBGA



0.2% THC

Carrier natural MCT cold pressed coconut oil
made with cold alcohol extraction
1 drop – 10mg (5 mg CBD, 5mg CBGA)
The product is subject to constant quality control
Contains no artificial additives, no synthetic cannabinoids, CBD and CBGA. 100% natural from organic unrefined crystal from cold alcohol extraction.

Many producers use ingredients from foreign crops, including even from China! Our golden CBD + CBGA 10% Wide Spectrum antiviral oil comes only from Polish suppliers from organic farming, which we choose personally. Then we test the extract and the finished product in renowned Polish laboratories to make sure that the content of ingredients and purity are at the assumed level.



An important year oil. After opening, it must be kept in a cool place, preferably in the refrigerator because the oil contains the acidic form of CBGA like other RAW oil and in order to slow down the decarboxylation (heating) process of CBGA (I explain these processes in broadcasts about cold and hot alcohol extraction).

Packaging: Dropper bottle


Protective packaging: All extracts are packed in special protective packaging protecting them against radiation from artificial electromagnetic field


Polish CBD oil from organic farming


Did you know that hundreds of years ago, hemp was cultivated on a massive scale all over Poland? Currently, many producers are looking for this ingredient abroad – even in distant Asia … Fortunately, we managed to reach the Polish hemp cultivation. In addition, our products have recently been certified organic, so you can be sure that you are dealing with a clean product that is grown in a controlled manner. Our Broad Spectrum 5% hemp oil is also subject to quality control in an external laboratory.






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