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The Orgonites (orgonite crystals) stand out from all the offerings on the market because they are in the shape of the flower of life, whereas the shape itself has a tremendous impact on energy and harmonizing living organisms, food and water located in the vicinity of the flower of life. On the flower of life orgonite you can put a jug of water for structural water, fruit or vegetables. Ideal under a pillow to facilitate better sleep and protection from electromagnetic fields, as well as under the feet or painful areas of the body, relieves pain and clears energy stagnation. You can also use it as a base for a flower in a pot, especially one that needs to revive quickly.
The Orgonites in our offer were printed in 3D printer from plastic. One orgonite took 16 hours to print. Then the plastic form was hand filled with copper filings, resin and color pigment. The final effect is electrifying and adds beauty, mysticism and most of all protection against unbeneficial electromagnetic fields, which we are exposed to from all sides when we use mobile phones, computers, televisions, other electrical devices.
Orgonite neutralizes energy harmful for man and other living organisms: the negative orgone energy (DOR, and mainly ORANUR) of all types (from electromagnetic radiation, through the negative energy/vibration emitted by various chemical substances, to the negative radiation of water courses), cleansing the space around.
Inside the orgonite, the process of transformation of negative energy into harmonious and positive one takes place all the time. The main task of orgonites is to emanate the revitalising, beneficial for living organisms, pure Orgon energy (POR), which regenerates the ecosystem, recreates the original state of energy of a given area and thanks to this – increases vitality, improves well-being, supports regeneration. Orgonites do not accumulate any negative energy. Orgonites have a protective, harmonizing effect on the body, toning and vitalizing especially because of their shape flower of life. The energy of positive orgone strengthens human biofield, so it can support the healing process of many diseases.
Such orgonite is an investment for life, because it does not wear out. You just need to remember not to leave it in the sun because the resin and plastic can dissolve. In particular, this is important information for those people who will want to use such orgonite in their garden or crops to increase the growth of plants.
The metal which has been used to fill the resin in the orgonite is copper. And copper is a healing metal, acts beneficially on the female hormones, stimulates insulin, has an anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effect. It improves the ability to think, memory, creativity. Copper affects the transmission of the nerve impulses and the level of neurotransmitters. In the past, copper was used to make copper solutions, which was sprayed on crops and fruit trees so as to protect plants from insects and harmful bacteria or viruses. To this day conscious farmers use copper wire to plant crops by driving it into the ground at the bottom twisted in a spiral motion and pointing vertically to the sky, or wrap copper wire around a tree branch. Copper is an extraordinary transmitter of energy, copper is a metal very beneficial to the human body.
Purchased orgonite will serve for all years of life. We invite you to purchase and try this unique orgonite in the original shape of the flower of life.
Orgonite diameter: 23,5 cm
Height of the orgonite: 23 mm
Pigment color: amaranth


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