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Surround yourself with positive energy

Until I have developed the ability to feel energy, I did not have this awareness that every painting we have on our wall emanates some kind of energy. It is very important with what intention, feelings, thoughts and emotions the artist paints a picture, or creates a piece of art.

Consequently, it turns out that it is not the name or the technique that was used to paint a picture that has the greatest value in a work of art, but the vibrations that flow from the picture: its shapes, colors and the intention with which the picture was painted. It has a great influence on the mood of the person who owns such a work of art and lives in its aura.

Every painting emanates some kind of energy, just like people, some have good energy, while others do not. The energy level of a person depends on the state of feelings, which are the result of thoughts, and these in turn have their cause in the intentions, which in turn have their source in the beliefs in our subconscious, what we believed in childhood about ourselves, love, partnerships and life …

Not everyone has the ability to feel other people’s energies, thoughts and intentions.

The ability to feel them takes place on subtle levels.

The impact of Energetic Painting on a person’s personal development is a passionate experience and, in my opinion, still little known.

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