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Does Holy Plant can support sportsmen?

Many athletes began to notice the effects of cannabis fibrous during sports or before strenuous physical and mental exertion. Positive effects for athletes are shown primarily by CBGA cannabigerolic acid, which is the stem cell of hemp, and CBG cannabigerol.

The Sport & Brain series was created for athletes and people exposed to high physical and mental effort. It contains both broad spectrum oils with orange extract and full spectrum oils with oregano extracts, which is a natural preservative, and lemongrass oils for flavor. The carrier for full spectrum oils, due to the presence and favorable ratio of OMEGA -3,6,9 acids, are mixed linseed oil, hemp oil and MCT coconut oil, while for oils, a broad spectrum – MCT oil.

We make sure that the crops from which we obtain the hemp are organic, certified, Polish, because hemp extracts all the ingredients from the ground when it is sown for the first time. Extraction is also very important, we use the most health-promoting one – alcohol, because only this leaves everything that is most valuable in cannabis, incl. acidic cannabinoids (which cannot be obtained with any other extraction (, active, polyphenols, flavonoids, terpenes – cannabis essential oils.

Each full spectrum oil, after alcohol extraction, from organic hemp, has antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, anticancer and antiparasitic properties.

Alcohol extraction is the only one that allows you to obtain the full spectrum oil – in other extractions, e.g. CO2 or hydrocarbon, during the decarboxylation process of the dried fruit (high temperature) it gets rid of all acidic cannabinoids, flavonoids, polyphenols, and terpenes.

Hemp essential oils – terpenes are a very valuable ingredient. Their extraction is a very demanding and lengthy process. They have an effect on our senses as well as the body.

We invite you to read the blog article: “Terpenes in the fight against colorectal cancer” published by Wroclaw Medical University. Silesian Piasts:

Other methods of fighting colorectal cancer have proved effective, but are short-lived.

The active cannabinoid CBD overcomes the blood-brain barrier, affects the cannabinoid system in the head, therefore it will work well in epilepsy, epilepsy, depression, insomnia, it has a relaxing effect. By contrast, the acidic form of CBDA on the body’s endocannabinoid system will not cross the blood-brain barrier.

One of the most interesting discoveries is that the active form of CBG acts on both the endocannabinoid system in the head and the body. It is also surprising that the acid form of CBGA cannabigerol acts on both the enodcannabinoid system in the head and the body.

The logical explanation seems to be that CBGA is the stem cell of cannabis, each cannabis in the first phase of growth first produces CBGA, which then converts into other cannabinoids and into inactive THCA.

If cannabis has been grown in natural, ecological conditions, anxiety, paranoia, etc. should not occur.

Cannabis cannot be overdosed – cannabinoid receptors are found throughout the human body, except the hypothalamus, where opioid receptors are found – and opioids are contained, among others, in medication. Overdosing on opioids can be fatal.

The Sacred Plant brings remarkable results in the diseases of the 21st century: cancer, diabetes, epilepsy, anxiety and depression, endometriosis, Hashimoto’s. Cannabis also helps to recover from alcohol and tobacco addiction.

It should also be remembered that Heine,caffeine, alkohol Or tabacco. block the absorption of minerals, vitamins and cannabinoids.

We invite you to listen to the broadcast in which the MMA Master of Martial Arts – Robert Bryczek tells why he decided to buy hemp products from Dominika Dominiak’s personal brand:

Robert Bryczek has been training martial arts since he was a child. He has a bronze belt in BJJ, a gold medal in the European Grappling Championship, is a FEN champion in welterweight and many, many other achievements. He has been fighting professionally for over 10 years, he compares sport to art – he proves that his profession has nothing to do with brutality or aggression – on the contrary, it helps to discharge negative energy, it is a kind of mission, sometimes a form of therapy for the young generation.

Robert has been using hemp oils for many years. During one of the training sessions, he learned that cannabis takes an active part in the prevention of stroke. Hemp oils help him recover faster after training. CBD (A) full spectrum oils provided better sleep, which affects the quality and performance of the next day. CBG (A) full spectrum oils increase concentration before training. In case of injury, he tried 50% CBGA hemp paste – which has anti-inflammatory, anticoagulant and analgesic effects. The effects were amazing.

Robert Bryczek – MMA Martial Arts Master after using our brand’s hemp products, it experiences noticeable effects. He believes that up to 90% of the preparations on the market are based solely on marketing, and the manufacturer does not pay attention to the quality of his products. He was convinced of the use of our products by the care for human health, which is influenced by many factors and conditions that our brand cares for.

We encourage you to listen to the broadcast:

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