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Advantages of cannabis, disadvantages of tobacco and alcohol

We cordially invite you to read the article “Advantages of cannabis, disadvantages of tobacco and alcohol “, which is based on the broadcast conducted by Janusz Zagorski with Dominika Dominiak for NTV.

JZ: A very warm welcome to you, good evening here in Poland, good morning overseas. In our NTV window Dominika Dominiak, so we are going to meet all that concerns this time a certain comparison, what gives cannabis and what gives alcohol or other stimulants. 

DD: Hello dear friends, good evening here at home and in Europe and good morning overseas. 

JZ: I understand you’ve done a set like this that you want to share with our viewers, which shows a comparison between stimulants like alcohol and tobacco and cannabis. Uses like alcohol and tobacco are widely accepted and available everywhere. In truth, there are unpleasant images on these packages to scare off buyers, due to the consequences of drinking and smoking, but what’s there to bother anyone with images, everything is available. On the other hand, getting through all that can be extracted from cannabis is an ordeal, two different worlds, yes? 

DD: Unfortunately, this elimination of hemp from its widespread availability, which was, for example, in the 1940s, when we were famous as Poland, not only for rope processing, which was highly praised by Christopher Columbus, who said that had it not been for hemp ropes, he would not have reached America. In our homes, hemp soups were often on the tables, also since the dawn of time. In creating the cannabinoid dispensary, I delved quite a bit into particular aspects, such as the very one related to prohibition from the US, which surfaced actually very strongly in the 1930s in the US, where propaganda similar to that present in the pandemic, consisted of such material being played between commercials, saying that cannabis was harmful, that it was bad for health, that evil demons were ascendant, and so on. All this was really aimed at, eliminating black liberation movements, because cannabis was very prevalent by New Orleans musicians, jazz musicians, including Armstrong, who defended cannabis rights until the last moments of his life. Also, for having hemp on him, he ended up in jail for a few days with white people, where they wanted to plunge him in this way, because it was also possible to use racism in prison. Even later, in the 1970s, President Nixon, who was the first to introduce the “Anti-Drug Abuse Act” in which he wrote that hemp is counted as a drug, although it should not be called a drug at all. For the reason that it has amazing health-promoting effects. Many studies conducted around the world show how many diseases we can cure thanks to the Holy Plant. Not only that, the psychoactive compound tetrahydrocannabidiol, which is in cannabis, has amazing pain-relieving properties, also there is an amazing therapy of so-called medical marijuana for people with serious conditions, e.g., tumors, gliomas. 

The table I prepared is available in the cannabinoid guide, which quite recently had a final edition. I wanted to show to visualize to people that something that harms a person and has no advantages, except maybe the fact of the ritual of having a smoke, or besides being under the influence of intoxication.  The table is divided into columns-tobacco, alcohol, cannabis. 

Let me start with the disadvantages of tobacco. Of course, it is addictive. It causes respiratory diseases i.e., emphysema, chronic bronchitis, lung cancer, intestinal cancer, oral cancer, laryngeal cancer, tracheal cancer, lung diseases, bronchial asthma, tuberculosis. Cardiovascular diseases, i.e., ischemic heart disease, myocardial infarction, atherosclerosis of the lower extremities, hypertension, aneurysm, vein blockages. Other diseases include kidney cancer, bladder cancer, stomach ulcers and duodenal ulcers, eye diseases, visual impairment, impotence, and impaired fertility. The health benefits from smoking are NONE. 

In the case of alcohol, I will also start with the disadvantages. Respiratory diseases- oral cancer, laryngeal cancer. Cardiovascular diseases-hypertension, cardiac arrhythmia, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. Diseases of the digestive system-alcoholic hepatitis, cirrhosis, steatosis of the liver. Other diseases include memory loss, loss of concentration, difficulty concentrating and learning, stroke, and a decrease in gray and white matter in the brain and consequently spoiled relationships with loved ones. Advantages despite the state of intoxication itself and the fact that, in fact, alcohol reverses our poles, cuts off our consciousness from our higher self. Anyway, after alcohol people can be very angry and aggressive, as well as very loving. Also, what is in the subconscious will very much come out under the influence of alcohol. On the other hand, the health benefits are NONE. 

I will now turn to hemp. Maybe I’ll start with the disadvantages, because the disadvantages only occur with smoking, but not because hemp has harmful effects, but quite the opposite. Many people who smoke hemp have recovered from health problems. On the other hand, like any smoke that enters the lungs, it is harmful to our lungs, so that’s why it’s worth reaching for a vaporizer when smoking any kind of cannabis, fiber, industrial or so-called CBD, indica and medical marijuana. It’s also worth mentioning why cannabis was named marijuana in the US. In Spanish, marijuana means drug, and they wanted very much to be identified with refugees from Mexico who crossed into the States, who also smuggled drugs frequently. For this reason, fans, and practitioners in medical marijuana therapy, do not like the word marijuana, we just call it Cannabis. 

Let me now start with the disadvantages of cannabis. There are no side effects of cannabinoids and fiber cannabis, except for smoking, where the smoke is harmful to the lungs, so vaporization is the safest form. Withdrawal effects after smoking cannabis (medical marijuana) for a long time – difficulty concentrating, lack of appetite, where smoking increases cravings and you want to eat more, then after withdrawal you can have lack of appetite, anxiety, laziness, insomnia. Effects of smoking large amounts of cannabis (containing high concentrations of THC): physical- excessive production of phlegm, wheezing, chronic bronchitis can occur. Mental effects: laziness, memory problems. Scientific studies have shown that in the early stages of brain development, this tetrahydrocannabidiol, the one that has psychoactive effects, impairs the brain that is developing. On the other hand, many parents who have children with autism use medical marijuana in therapy, which helps these children, and they have not noticed in these children that it somehow negatively affects their young children. So, I suspect that these studies have looked at very early development, perhaps even development while still fetal. This is why pregnant women should not use cannabinoids, because a pregnant woman produces a large number of cannabinoids. There are a lot of these cannabinoids in breast milk for the baby. A pregnant woman, if she wanted to use it in a health-promoting way, would have to seek knowledge from a really informed doctor. She can drink hemp infusions but should not use any hemp oils. No disadvantages and contraindications have been noted from the use of cannabinoids, only when the therapy is adjusted not appropriate, for example, in tiny children, small animals. If too high a concentration of cannabinoids is provided, the kidneys can be burdened, which is why this knowledge is so important. For this reason, I have written a cannabinoid guide so that people who do not have any knowledge can learn how to start treatment, how they can help their pets, children, loved ones and themselves. 

Now let me turn to the benefits of hemp, which are listed here. First of all, cannabis is not addictive, it can become mentally addictive, but physically not addictive. 

There are so many advantages that I couldn’t fit in this table, so I decided to write out as many as I could fit. I suspect that at the turn of the century these positive effects, based on research, will be written out a lot more. 

Hemp has the following effects: anticoagulant, sedative, relaxant, relaxant, analgesic, anticancer, antibacterial, antifungal, anticancer, anti-inflammatory, relaxant on smooth muscle of intestines, uterus, regulates intestinal work, anticoagulant, anti-anxiety, antidepressant, balances blood insulin levels, restores homeostasis in the body. 

It is used in the treatment of: ADHD, epilepsy, anxiety, neurosis, depression, PTSD, Alzheimer’s, digestive cancers, digestive problems, endometriosis, Hashimoto’s, bulimia, anorexia, ADS, acne, psoriasis, irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s disease, type II diabetes, urinary tract diseases, liver failure, warts, herpes.  Also, dear ones, cannabis should be legal, it should be available. Government people should not decide what helps people should be legal. It is against the creative energy and against nature to prohibit people from having normal access to cannabis. 

JZ: What was the norm for thousands of years, everyone took from nature what could be taken. Now “big pharma” simply wants to take over virtually the entire food chain and the entire medicinal chain. Everything that nature gives, it wants to somehow block, possibly transform, genetically modify, so that it’s all on their patents, on their money. The scale of the onslaught, in some sense of robbery on our all is unimaginable, it is being done very slowly, but visibly enough for those who know how to observe it. It affects everything that exists. We are really in mortal danger from what is being perpetrated by, in my opinion, the most pathological group that is inside this whole globalist conspiracy, because I think you can really call it that. 

DD: And I’ll also add Janusz to what you’re saying that most of the time government people own in countries where it’s legal to grow hemp, large hectares of crops. In Poland, from what I’ve heard, even one of the politicians, whom we call “the president,” used hemp in health therapy. You can say that thanks to him, medical marijuana is available at the pharmacy, but in fact maybe so that he himself would not have problems if he was caught somewhere. But what, unfortunately, as now this law for a change for the better on the prevention of drug addiction, where they raised the standards to 0.3% THC in the inflorescence, where before it was 0.2. And that a Pole will be able to grow cannabis for the purpose of pharmacies. But the same thing happened in Spain. The law has changed for the better, a Spaniard can grow, but he can’t produce anything from it. He can resell it to foreign corporations, he can sell it to foreign lobbyists who have access to pharmacies. Same here, there are only two companies German and Californian, with an Israeli budget, who have access to Polish pharmacies. 

I asked the MP the question: to what extent will this law allow it to be a Pole who can produce and not just seed for some lobbyist or foreign concern. He replied that we don’t know precisely. 

JZ: There is no such law, no such regulation, which would not be lobbied by some “gang”, harangues paid to shape this or that law in such a way that those who are really high reap the biggest profits. This oligarchic structure that operates in Poland and the Western world in general, simply put, it is extremely gross. 

DD: Still, I just wanted to add, as I’m sure viewers who have heard that alcohol has no benefits. That said, I wanted to say such an interesting fact, that the research that used to be loudly heard that this one glass of red wine is very healthy for our cardiovascular system and heart. It turned out that these studies were actually commissioned by the alcohol companies, by the wine producers, and there are no studies on this subject from other independent labs that confirm this. 

JZ: I understand, and there when there are studies for the money of corporations, well, you know what the results will be. We live in a world of such a powerful lie, such contradictory information, that only those who act honestly and document this activity can be believed. 

DD: Just to wrap up, I wanted to close with two stories of how therapy with Holy Plant, hemp oils from my personal brand, helped. 

Woman 75 years old, fibromyalgia 

One client bought the oil for her mother. After the first applications, the elderly woman’s condition improved to the point where she was able to get out of bed with confidence despite her fibromyalgia (persistent muscle and bone pain). She also gained more energy thaṅ before. Soon she began to sleeṕ whole nights and wake uṕ rested, which was not the case before. Joint pains have significantly

havę decreased. It may be interestinǵ that, according to my client’s testimony, she also applied the oil to a warṫ which, after several applications, began to drý and soon disappeared.

Kitten, 1 year old, diagnosed with brain tumor

Oils with concentrations below 5% arę for animals. Many people are concerned about

̨ of using them on the smallest cats or dogs. There is also still̇ little information on the subject, because animals cannot̨ “boast́ of the effects of the therapy.” Therefore, I was glad̨,

when the owners of a kitten diagnosed with a brain tumor wrote to me. After two days there was alreadẏ a visible improvement in our pet’s functioning! Muscle contractures and strains stopped. The cat, walking, keeps his balancę. His appetite has returned. He takes care of his needs in the right places, not under himself. We use 5% RAW+ CBDA+ CBD oil with him. 

Girl 7 years old, epilepsy 

I already told about this story in a previous broadcast. This girl’s mother started giving the 2.5% ful spectrum oil. The epilepsy receded, as well as the brain, which had been showing damage for 7 years. An MRI showed a 100% repaired brain. 

Also, cannabis is a Holy Plant, as ancient cultures said. One of the next broadcasts, which I will already record at the new location, will be about the use of hemp in ancient cultures.  

Finally, I still wanted to add that if one smokes cannabis it is very important to balance THC with CBD. If the THC has 20% to 1% CBD, as for example one of the medical marijuana available in Polish pharmacies has. You need to supplement with oil of at least 5% concentration. I encourage cannabis smokers to check this, as you can get medicated, or have fits of various thoughts. 

Feel free to follow me on Instagram your.cbd, as well as on my store page your.cbd. com. Under the articles tab, you will find interesting articles and scientific studies. Well, and I invite you to take advantage of very attractive autumn promotions on all items in my store. 

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