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A sacred plant of power to cope with stress and burnout

JZ: Dominika Dominiak is with us, so the Holy Plant and its power must be heard. Today, the topic that concerns us all – stress, tiredness, burnout.

DD: Many of us think that burnout can only be related to work related to earnings, and in fact this burnout syndrome (because it was considered a disease as well as chronic stress) can affect us not only in the sphere of matters related to the profession, but also in everyday life, for example related to a partner relationship, satisfaction with life. Burnout can take place on many levels as well as on a spiritual level.

JZ: I think there are many of these manifestations, we do not always recognize them. And when we deal with something intensively, long and continuously, it seems that there is this kind of fatigue, we often call it material fatigue.
DD: In general, everyday experiences in which we experience mental threats, e.g. Using electrical devices, looking at a TV set or a telephone makes our nervous system less and less coping with stress, and this stress primarily contributes to the degradation of the nervous system. Interestingly, wild animals have a completely different way of processing information by the brain when it comes to stress, so they don’t experience this permanent stress or this disease called burnout.
JZ: Here I think it’s easier to burn out when we do something without passion. When we have this passion, basically some people, driven by this passion for decades, do not feel this burnout or there are only mild manifestations of it.
DD: Activities in independent or community activities, or like mine in running the hemp industry, this passion is in fact, I think 30%, all the rest of the work done to make it happen are many other activities that are not are strictly related to passion, for example running a company, company, taxes, production tables, etc.
JZ: I think that the system does everything to take away the passion with which we do something, because the creation itself is fascinating, while the system does everything to make the creation of our world as unattractive as possible.
DD: Experiencing stress every day triggers experiences that can upset e.g. The stress system, the endocannabinoid system, can also cause changes in the body and brain, which will make us feel so tired, tired, irritable and dull.
Over 80% of the population suffers from burnout syndrome, which has various stages.
The first stage of burnout syndrome is the stress arousal phase, where the adrenal glands start to produce an excess of the stress hormone, i.e. we have very high levels of cortisol and the nervous system goes into high activity mode. This high level of cortisol can cause symptoms such as irritability, insomnia, distraction, heart palpitations, trouble concentrating, and general distraction. People who experience this may need to consume more caffeine, followed by a rapid increase in energy, but also a rapid decline in energy.
The second stage is the energy saving phase. It is based on the fact that the nervous system and cells lose their vitality, and the brain and body begin to save energy. The brain enters the withdrawal and protection mode, which can lead to problems such as procrastination, i.e. postponing everything to later in many areas of life, reduced sexual desire, persistent fatigue in the morning even after 8 hours of sleep, social withdrawal. There may also be cynicism or bitterness in the workplace. At this second stage, there are very rapid mood swings, a lot of anxiety and depression.
The third stage of this burnout syndrome, which has been officially called the disease for many years, is called the exhaustion phase, here we already have a completely different state to the first phase, where in the first phase there was a large surplus of cortisol, the adrenal glands produced a lot of this stress hormone , and here it is in this third stage that the body responsible for coping with stress, as well as the brain and adrenal glands, are no longer able to cope with the further coping with permanent stress and be at the top of this stress. The level of cortisol here in this third stage drops completely and it can lead to a constant feeling of fatigue and depression, a problem with the systems in the body, e.g. it is interesting with the digestive system, often it is the irritable bowel syndrome that has its cause in this syndrome, burnout and then Such a person should take care of it completely holistically, also in consultation with an appropriate doctor, such as a hair test, to adjust the diet. Such a hair test will show us how many minerals we have, both toxic and non-toxic. In addition, it is in this third stage that there is chronic sadness and depression, chronic problems with the stomach and intestines.
Often times, doctors confuse chronic fatigue syndrome with burnout syndrome because this burnout syndrome has three stages. These individual phases pile up and it is only in the third round that you can talk about this burnout.
And this is where cannabis comes to our rescue, its power is so strong that unlike other herbs and adaptogens, it is the most effective because there has been research done on this subject and there is generally a lot of scientific research on how CBD reduces stress and how it reduces the functioning of the pituitary gland. Chronic fatigue syndrome may appear frequently after such viral illnesses. It is recommended that CBD be at this stage of these 3 stages of chronic burnout, that it is the highest concentration of CBD to a low concentration of THC, but for people who want to act prophylactically, this preventive treatment is very important.

In some cases, chronic fatigue syndrome may be associated with irritable bowel syndrome.
JZ: So you say the Sacred Plant also has a lot to say about it
Everything is related to the nervous system and not only the nervous system, but also the immune system, as well as the mitochondrial system, which is responsible for the formation of new energy in cells.
We also have such things as bad and good stress, and we don’t hear much about it either. The good one is a mental tension that lasts for a short time and leaves a feeling of euphoria or the power of agency.
JZ: Many years ago, I had a guy who was based on Russian medicine and Russian research, and he had access to research in which the influence of pre-stress states on prolonging life and mobilizing the organism was examined.
DD: This pre-stress state is scientifically named and has been shown to be beneficial for success.
I can confidently say that there is a huge difference when, even for a week, hemp oils are used for the day, which have CBG CBGA, which also affects the concentration of the mind and the fact that we are more physically efficient, and relaxing CBD CBD for the evening. plus hemp infusions. I also often vaporize CBGA paste with 50% concentration, it is a great alternative for people who start smoking cigarettes, also it is in the form of such a smoke, but this smoke is very healthy for our lungs for our body.
JZ: If we were to sum up somehow, you said that it is very efficient, that other plants or preparations do not have such efficiency. Is it sufficiently documented in science?

DD: After delivering cannabinoids to our body, and cannabis has phytocannabinoids, which are those derived from the plant most closely related to our human body that we need, these cannabinoids, because we naturally produce them, but if we have a lot of stress, we in general We do not make. A woman who is a nursing mother or is pregnant, produces a lot of cannabinoids, so it is not recommended for a woman, unless she has a health problem, then consult a doctor.
There is also ashwagadha, but unfortunately the one from the Polish market, it is not known what its origin is, what source it is from.
A person who has epilepsy or epilepsy, after delivering a few drops of CBD or CBG to the body, will stop having epilepsy, because the endocannabinoid system immediately reacts to cannabinoids, and when the endocannabinoid system reacts, and he is responsible for the nervous system, it automatically affects the nervous system.
Such a hit is the 7% CBG CBGA CBD CBDA oil, which apart from such a daily treatment, you can apply it under your eyes, preferably before going to sleep, when you wake up, it is best to leave it for 3 hours and then it starts smoothing out and the swelling completely disappears from under the eyes.
JZ: If we can deal with it, to what extent does the system defend itself so as not to take advantage of these amazing properties? Do you sense that your system want to shut down people from accessing it?
DD: Yes, I think it has been going on for decades, where large Polish businesses were taken over by foreign corporations.
But I would also like to mention a study in mice that showed that CBD reduces stress levels because of its effects on neurogenesis in the hippocampus, the process of creating new neurons.
When we are constantly in the “fight flight” mode, the hypothalamus recommends our adrenal glands to release stress hormones like cortisol and CBD as an active form by crossing the blood-brain barrier will contribute to the proper functioning of the mind.

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