Uwaga! Z dniem 30 stycznia 2023r sprzedaż na działalność rolną, nowe dane do przelewów w zakładce „ Płatność i dostawa”. Walentynkowe promocje❤️ Złoty olejek 20% 2000mg za 170zł, olejek 7% 7000mg bez wyciągów za 100zł, z naturalnymi wyciągami za 120zł❤️
Attention! As of January 30, 2023, sale for agricultural activities, new data for transfers in the "Payment and delivery" tab. Valentine's Day promotions❤️ Golden oil 20% 2000mg for PLN 170, oil 7% 7000mg without extracts for PLN 100, with natural extracts for PLN 120❤️

We only offer safe, 100% legal and certified organic products.
They support the physiological process due to the content of natural compounds that are not psychoactive and therefore do not have an intoxicating effect.

Valentine’s Day promotions

10,15 %
Robert Bryczek
Robert Bryczek
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It is possible to order from within the EU. How to make a payment from abroad?
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100% natural

From certified organically grown hemp

Legal Polish hemp fiber
100% Cannabis Sativa

Hemp oils in our store are from two varieties of hemp: Futura and Santica from certified organic hemp cultivation

100% Polish product

Our oils are extracted from organic dried products from Polish organic farmers. Certificates are placed in the photo gallery of oils, pastes and hemp teas.

Laboratory tested
Alcoholic extraction – full spectrum of cannabinoids

Each oil is laboratory tested. The results of the analysis are presented in the photo gallery for each oil we offer. Our oils meet the standard THC content < 0,2%

The Beginner
I gave the 5% oil as a gift in January to a melancholic who vividly told me about his problems with digestion and nerves. Since then, he has gained weight, has an appetite, sleeps well and claims that it is a regeneration of his body after years of turbulence. Dominika deserves our thanks!
We have been using for several days in the therapy of our kitten - a diagnosed brain tumor. After two days, there was a visible improvement in the functioning of our pet! - contractures, muscle tension have stopped - he keeps his balance while walking - his appetite has returned - he takes care of his own needs in the right places, not under himself. There is hope, there are positive thoughts!
Shocking! After the first 3 drops, my pulse and stress levels measured with a watch stabilized. From these first drops, I sleep like a baby.
Justyna Mikołajczak
When I bought the oil from Mrs. Dominika, I knew that I would not be disappointed. After the first applications, my mother could easily get out of bed with fibriomalgia, she has more energy to act. She also sleeps at night and wakes up more refreshed, which was not the case before. Joint pains have significantly decreased. In addition, after 2 applications of the oil on the wart, which she struggled with for quite a long time - it started to dry out and today there is no trace of it. Thank you for your work! ❤️
Beata Mroczek
Very fragrant and delicate flavor. I recommend
Beata Mroczek
A great tea, fragrant and delicate
Tomasz Kirpluk
my opinion is very positive, I bought the oil and rubbed my face 3 times a day and I think I look younger. My wife tells me it's kind of like before prom but I don't believe her, generally okay

I fell in love with Mrs. Dominica I love you !!!
I send tears of happiness and gratitude to my mother as the best form of advertising !! After one use of the paste, the pains that my mum had for several years, persistent and long-lasting, are over !!! I attach my thanks to the entire team of creators of this wonderful product! Thank you!!!
I fell in love with Mrs. Dominica I love you !!!
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